im gonna miss listening to the radio and loudly complaining with my mom

also, listening to nell mcafferty is one of the few pleasant reminders that ireland may be a shithole but it has produced some excellent people

haha on opening my college email account i just got two messages from my tutor, one about being happy to arrange meetings this term. the universe is getting impatient with me

ugh its nearly term again and i really need to write this email to my tutor about dissatisfaction with my subject


chocolate for breakfast


lifes too short to pretend to hate pop music

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woah whaaaat. did you do the bray head cliff walk? also damn it started not being amazing weather today

i did, and yeah that was a pain. but at least it wasn’t raining! it’s very pretty, i love the coast. all rocks, seagulls and gorse

i know ive been home too long when i start craving salt

too many real meals. not enough microwaved, over-salted food

i walked from bray to greystones and am now justified in constantly eating mini eggs for the next 24 hours

i really love vattu actually. i liked rice boy and order of tales ok but this is the first time ive really enjoyed an evan dahm thing on the level everyone else seems to

vattu status: oh nooo